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What You Need To Know About SEO

What You Need To Know About SEO

If you’re serious about getting your website ranked on top of the real Google, Bing and Yahoo search egnine then you need to know how to do search engine optimization in proper way. We have helped hundreds and hundreds of client shoot their website ranking from no way to No.1 on Google. Most of our business will be focusing on Google search engine that is because it is the biggest search engine in today’s world. Plus, you’ll be getting most of your traffic from Google rather than Yahoo and Bing. However, if your site is ranked on top on the Google search engine then most likely your site will be showing up on top of Yahoo and Bing. Well, there are so much things you need to know about SEO and I can talk about this topic all day long without rest. But, if you don’t want to optimise the website yourself you can actually get your local search enegine optimisation companies to do it. To help you to get better understanding about SEO I have listed a few tips below. Read more about local SEO here:

Getting Social Signal

Power of social signalA person needs to have their website or blog mentioned to different social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and many more to get a social signal. It helps a website to rank up when being searched using search engine optimizations. If a certain website is frequently mentioned into different social networking sites, they surely gets a lot of visit and absolutely ranks up and be included on top best results. Usually they get a lot of visits by spreading it through sharing or liking the page, number of tweets mentioning the website or get a lot of followers, especially in google+.

Understand What is Anchor Text

Anchor text link is the clickable text or the name of the website that can be seen usually in different sites and articles, it is a word with hyperlink and if it is clicked, the person automatically be routed to the original website itself. Anchor text link is one factor that needs to consider if a person wants to rank up their website, by using the most appropriate and common words for researching, a website surely ranks up easily compared to any other website that has unfamiliar anchor text link that is why it is very essential for webmasters to choose the most common anchor text link.

Benefit of Using Keyword Variation

Webmasters after some updates of search engines considered keyword variation for their website’s anchor text link because they found out that using the same keyword for their anchor text link might be considered as spam. A great example would be instead of using the normal anchor text link, they just put click here, more information, or here, although they do not look the same, person would just be routed to the same website. They just used a different keyword since some search engines are observing websites that uses aggressive keyword for their anchor text link to get a lot of visit and rank up.

One last tip before I end my pen. Once you have traffic to your website, you need to make sure that your website is looking great and professionally designed. Otherwise, you’ll put your reader off once they landed on your website. Just to make sure that your website is user friendly and easy for visitor to navigate around. If you not sure how to do this you can outsource it to one of the best web design company.

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